09 July 2014

Seven Months, almost to the day.

Hi everybody.  I'm back again.  We're just surviving over her so blogging has taken a back seat to all the trying to keep life going and such.  But, we have big news on the renovation front.  WE HAVE CABINETS IN THE KITCHEN!!!! Yes, that statement warrants all caps.  Last week, my mom and dad, sister and her girls came to Marion to help knock it out.  Daniel worked with all of them, minus the girls and me, sometimes, to get us to a point where we have storage and boy do we have storage.  We reckon we have about 3-4 times the storage in this kitchen than any of the other kitchens we've previously occupied.  Nice.  Here are some in progress shots for you.  We are by no means finished.  We still need countertops (stainless steel), finished electrical, a sink and our monster refrigerator wired in.  Then we can deal with cosmetics like paint and backsplash.  Oh, and at some point we need to drop the ceiling down to 10' and build walls for the laundry room and make a pantry.  Without further ado...

The room pre-insulation and new drywall.
The island, with a countertop that will eventually be covered with stainless steel.  
Insulation, drywall  in progress.  
Two of my favorite cabinets.  Glass front with glass shelves for all of my beautiful Fiestaware.  
"Finished" product.  

Seven months, almost to the day, after we moved in I have cabinets in my kitchen.  Having lived in a state of flux and chaos for such a period of time has a way of teaching lessons we may not have  wanted to learn.  Here are a few. 

1.  We use far more dishes than are necessary.  
2.  We have far more dishes than are necessary.  
3.  We are capable of living without some serious conveniences.  For instance, I thought not having a dishwasher would be the most awful thing ever.   Not true. 
4.  Living without some major conveniences make having them all the sweeter.  (See #3).  
5.  Sometimes paper plates are the best you can do.  
6.  A person can do anything that is unpleasant, if there is some sort of end in sight.  
7.  Kids are resilient little buggers who are also sneaky to figure out how to take advantage of open shelves, short tables and easy to open refrigeration.  
8.  Living in a construction zone for too long can make you fall off your nut.  True story.  
9.  Construction has more steps than you can ever imagine.  To get to this state in our kitchen we've torn down two walls (one 8' tall, the other 14' tall), rerouted existing electrical, run electrical for new circuits, demolished the existing cabinets and sink, moved a water heater, re-plumbed the sink, torn up linoleum, sanded the floor, stained the floor (two coats), polyurethaned the floor (two coats), insulated walls, framed walls, drywalled walls, expanded a door (with a new supporting  header), and moved countless items several times.    
10.  Living without definitely makes getting something sweeter than can be adequately expressed.    


betsyann said...

Hooray! Good things come to those who wait. So so so happy for you!!!!

Kelsey Gray said...

The first thing that popped into my head. "this could be a reality tv show." 4 little kids, new business, total rennovation of a huge space.