25 June 2014

Summer List 2014

My friend Betsy has inspired me.  She makes quarterly To-Do lists and then revisits them as she makes the next.  It's a good system.  For a few months now my list has had one thing on it:  Get regular stuff done and survive.  That's not going to cut it if we're going to get this house in some sort of normal order.  So, here goes.

Summer 2014 List

1.  Finish painting the big room.  Should take me 3-4 days.
2.  Help, as needed, with the kitchen installation.
3.  Finish planning and coordination for the MOPS Run For Your Momma Half Marathon.   (I'm going to add, try not to freak out that I agreed to plan the ONLY fundraiser our group has for the entire year.)
4.  Put up trim in the bathrooms.  (I feel like this is something I can do.)
5.  Start making our home homier by unpacking and hanging photos and pictures.
6.  Sort through kid clothes.
7.  Paint Gigi's desk.
8.  Decide whether or not I will be taking classes from K-State or go through a community college for business classes.
9.  Enroll, somewhere.
10.  Start a new school year (2nd and 3rd Grade!)!
11.  Start looking for "letters" to photograph to make a Madgwick sign.
12.  Frame chalkboard.
13.  Organize kitchen, hopefully.
14.  Plan meals better.
15.  Keep running.  
16.  Get regular stuff done, too!


betsyann said...

Love it! These lists keep me sane-ish. Otherwise it's all floating in my head and stressing me out. And remember- not

betsyann said...

I wondered if that finished! It should say-not finishing something just means that it wasn't a priority. And that's fine!

In the Mix said...

I wondered. :)