04 February 2014


Here are some before pictures of the kitchen.  It was dividing into weird sections that I think must have been afterthoughts at some point.  

I'm standing in the doorway that heads into the kids' bathroom, one we closed in.  To the right of me out of frame is the pass through window we also took out.  

Here were the lovely cabinets that were held together with about 5000 pounds o nails and screws.  No joke.  Whoever built them and installed them did not want them to be removed in one piece.  mn n 

This weirdness is just on the other side of the opening beyond the island, if that makes sense.  

This doorway leads into where the cabinets are and the wall goes all the way to the ceiling.  The door on the right goes out into the big room.  

Here it is all opened up.  The doorway is bigger, the walls are down.  The island and water heater were still in place.  

This is the view towards the north.  My laundry room will remain in this place but we'll build an "L" wall around it .  

This is what it looks like today.  At a standstill until we can get this floor done.  It shouldn't take too long but we do have some feathering to do with some damaged spots.  Then we need to do some furring on the walls on the east and south sides.  We need to do this so we can insulate a bit and install electrical outlets without having to deal with the brick and plaster.  Then we need to sheetrock, repair the other walls and we'll be ready to install the cabinets.  Once that is finished we can figure out countertops.  We are still a ways out on this one.  While it is frustrating at times, the ultimate goal is to get the lab open.  Until we have that settled, the kitchen will wait.  

My man hates to have his picture taken.  If I am sneaky, I can get some shots of him without him knowing.  However, sometimes he gestures at the camera when he sees me clicking away.  Punk.  

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Kelsey Gray said...

I am blown away by your mad skills. It's hard tp really piece this all together in my mind. We'll have to see it in person someday.