27 January 2014

More Before and During

Daniel continues his feverish pace to get the lab up and running downstairs.  Last week we had the privilege of having our friend Matt or as Clementine corrected me once, "it's Matthew, momma!", and his two little people.  He helped Daniel downstairs and I and my little people had the privilege of playing with sweet Katie and Jimmy.  They all got along far better than I anticipated and I got a taste of what two sets of twins would feel like.  It's sort of tiring.  ;) So, as we hope for an mid-February hard open on the lab, I'm here to share some before and during pictures because posting after might give the impression that anything is actually finished around here.  :)  
This is the slightly smaller big room adjacent to the big room.  I'm standing at one end looking towards what is the kitchen.  (As an aside, when we got this place, it came with a bunch of theater chairs and 6 of these 12' long tables.  We've saved 4.  Two or three will be part of the lab and one will be turned into our dining room table.  If I had the woodworking skills I would be working on it right now, because I'm super excited about it.)  Back to the room.  It is 15' wide and was about 50' long.  It is now the kids' room.  Where I'm standing in this photo is where the trampoline is.  It is awesome.  

We removed this door and the pass through window to the side.  This picture was taken back when it was hot.  I miss the hot.   

Here is what we did with the end section of this room.  We created three new rooms, two bathrooms and a closet for the kids.  We made the rooms a little over 8' tall and will turn the space above into storage in the future. Also in the future, we'll removed the heater that is to the direct right of the bathroom door.  It is over 60 years old, so it needs to go.  For now, it works and we're hoping it makes it through the winter.  

Here is the kids' closet with a temporary rod.  When we get it organized with closet organizers it will be plenty of space for the bulk of their clothes.  

Here is the guest bathroom.  You saw the doorway to it in my last reno post.  There is no access to this guest bathroom from the kids' room.  It is accessed from the big room.  Although it is small, it is a great little bathroom.  It is my goal to finish the remainder of the mudding and sanding this week and maybe paint it.  Then all we would have left would be crown molding and trim.  Oh, and hooks and accessories.  But, you know, we'd be closer to having one project done.  

I'm sorry.  This is the only picture I have of the kids' bathroom that doesn't have n~aked children in it.  :S  There is a bathtub/shower combo to the right out of frame and a nice sized linen closet behind the door to the right out of frame, also.  We will have two sinks to the left, also.  I have a little more sanding and one more finish coat of mud to do in this bathroom, too.  It is my goal to get this room completely sanded and possibly mudded this week.  My goals might be lofty but I'm setting them high.  It would provide a little surge energy if I could start crossing things off the list.    

So, there you have it.  Still moving forward but at a snail's pace for the last 6 weeks or so.  It's time to get some stuff wrapped up before we get going fully on the kitchen.  Or else, we won't have any projects done and my head my explode.  


betsyann said...

When MJL came home and was telling me about his trip he stopped, shook his head, and said "Daniel is just so lucky to have Sarah". :)

Roach Momma said...

I just can't wrap my brain around how much space you have! Can't wait to see it in person someday! :)

Kelsey Gray said...

This has to be every kids' dream house! A wonderland.

Kelsey Gray said...

And a dream house for momma. If I lived there, one area would for sure have a ballet barre, tv, mirrors, and work out equipment. :)