17 November 2015

Whatever Day I Feel Like Posting Gifts 3.0 (HA!)

446.  Dinner and time with good friends.
447.  Sharing life with people who know and love us.
448.  Lasting friendships.
449.  Friends who let our three year old climb into bed with them because she's a ninja who snuck right past our bed and upstairs in an unfamiliar house.
450.  An internship and job lined up.
451.  My husband, doing more things than he signed up for but he actually did sign up for because he vowed to love and support me and that's what it looks like sometimes.
452.  That I live a free life, in spite of what many would like to tell me, I'm super lucky to live in this country with all of its flaws.
453.  Women who love Jesus and have a voice in media and social media.
454.  The Holy Spirit speaking in tiny but hugely impactful ways.
455.  An allergist appointment.
456.  Not getting definitive news but ruling some things out.
457.  Being able to mourn the loss of things I love.
458.  Changing up my diet to help my gut.
459.  Daniel and the kids' support in helping my gut.
460.  That it is in my kids' vocabulary that their guts need help being healthy too.
461.  Four more class periods for one class, three for another and my first semester of grad school is over!
462.  Checking things off the list one at a time.
463.  Being able to have conversations with my big kids about big kid stuff and realizing how quickly their minds are changing and how much they "get".
464.  Daniel's hard work.
465.  Eggs.  

01 November 2015

Friday Gifts 3.0

431.  Cooler weather. 
432.  Grey days, though just not too many. 
433.  A full pantry and freezers. 
434.  Naps. 
435.  Shorter hair. 
436.  More samples. 
437.  New customers. 
438.  Open communication with Daniel. 
439.  That we're on the same page. 
440.  Hard decisions. 
441.  Listening to the Lord and our guts. 
442.  Trust. 
443.  Getting to discuss my family with my parents. 
444.  Hearing stories about my grandparents and my parents' childhoods I had never known. 
445.  Daniel and how he honors our vows. 

26 October 2015

Friday(ish) Gifts 3.0

401.  Hay rides with friends.
402.  Sleepovers with the kids' friends.
403.  That our home is open to whoever, whenever regardless of cleanliness level.
404.  Having lunch with the big kids.
405.  Finishing a paper with time to spare, barely.
406.  Embracing my sprinter/procrastinator nature.
407.  Working well under pressure.
408.  Good parent/teacher conferences for all four kiddos.
409.  Our little community.
410.  Good friends.
411.  A haircut.
412.  Doing whatever I can to get to the bottom of what is causing my exhaustion.
413. Daniel's willingness to attend a marriage seminar so that I can become certified in the method next year.
414.  Time alone with Daniel.
415.  The Keeper of The Plains at night.
416.  Coffee.
417.  Awesome thrift store finds.
419.  115 year old doors, back in their right place with peacock blue paint!
420.  Dia de los muertos decoration for the door!
421.  Finishing the Trauma class.
422.  Straight As as a grad student.  Holla!
423.  A new class, intergenerational studies.
424.  Being a guinea pig in class.
425.  Seeing my genogram and drawing some similarities and conclusions about my family.
426.  My cohort and professor being gentle with me.
427.  Grandparents.
428.  A new opportunity to practice Spanish with other therapists!  Yay!
429.  Gearing up for clinical placement.  Yikes!
430.  Sleep.  And a husband willing to bear all the responsibilities so I can sleep and stave off sickness.    

14 October 2015

This space has been pretty quiet lately.  I'm still trying to keep up with my Friday Gifts posts but everything else has sort of fallen by the wayside.  I am fully in the crazy grad school student/wife/mother explosion that is life.  Life is busy and full and nuts and sometimes too much but, for the most part, good.

School for me has been interesting the last two months or so.  I'm in a class on Emotion, Attachment, and Trauma.  It's been a tough class. Tomorrow is the last time we meet, and I can officially say I am more than ready to take a break from learning about trauma and how it changes the brain.  You guys, I know I'm probably going to encounter people in my practice who have experienced trauma.  I cannot say that's one of the things I'm more excited about because it is so hard to know how terrible the world is on an individual level.  On the other hand, there is so much great research and methodology that treating trauma just continues to improve.  It's hard, though, to not see trauma everywhere I look.  It's time for my brain to take a break from this subject for a while so I'm on to Intergenerational Studies next.  Look out Smith and Madgwick families, no one is safe from my questions.  ;)

Daniel has done so much to make the transition for me a little smoother.  My program is a 60 hour program compared to a normal master's which is usually between 30-36 hours.  This means my time is sacred and crammed.  Luckily I seem to do better when I have a longer more pressing to-do list, although the thing that keeps taking a back seat is my own health, mental and physical and spiritual.  I was doing yoga this morning and while I don't buy into much of what yogis espouse, I was struck by something she said today.  It was something along the lines of find a truth in your life and concentrate on it.  I have a lot of truths in my life.  One I've been neglecting is that my body, my whole person is important and I have to take care of it.  This seems like such elementary stuff but for years I have taken a back seat to everyone and everything else around me.  It is such a struggle for me to be "ok" with taking care of myself.  How dumb is that?  So, I'm trying to be more proactive in saying things to myself like, "you are important", "taking care of you body is healthy and necessary", "nurturing yourself is good for the whole family".  Who knows, maybe eventually one of those will stick.    

02 October 2015

Friday Gifts 3.0

386.  Two little girls pretending on their morning off from school.
387.  My parents willing to be flexible and stay late so I can go to class while Daniel is out of town.
388.  Safely making it home.
389.  Getting the to-do list knocked out.
390.  Our old doors, looking great after being repaired by my dad.
391.  Cooler weather.
392.  Bread baking.
393.  A beautiful moon.
394.  Provision.
395.  AWANA.
396.  Spending the evening outside with the kiddos while I got some work on the front stoop.
397.  A generous friend, willing to lend experience and a crockpot specifically to clean paint off of old hinges.
398.  A cool opportunity.
399.  A willing husband to help me take part in the cool opportunity.
400.  Being tired.  

26 September 2015

Friday Gifts 3.0

366.  Praises for fantastic news for a loved one. 
367.  Cool breezes at night. 
368.  Being able to be present and comfort my kiddos when they're puny. 
369.  Having a good established relationship with the administration and teachers at the kids' school. 
370.  Being able to connect with people comfortably. 
371.  Continuing to get to know myself and how I interact with people. It's a journey y'all. 
372.  Learning about the brain. It's so complex and responsible for so many things. 
373.  The plasticity of the brain. Thank Jesus for the reparative nature of our most vital organ. 
374.  Having a great and supportive cohort. 
375.  Doing a role play and feeling like I was in my element. 
376.  A small town ER completely empty at 2:45 AM to help a little girl breath easier. 
377.  Great ER staff. 
378.  Naps. 
379.  That my mom finishes and folds my laundry every Thursday she is here. 
380.  People watching out for our kiddos even if it isn't communicated well. 
381.  Best friends for our kids. 
382.  Being able to observe a clinical session. 
383.  Ice cold water. 
384.  A joking daddy with his kiddos. 
385.  Jules. 

21 September 2015

Friday Gifts 3.0

346.  Getting some projects done without killing ourselves.
347.  Snuggles with a sickie.
348.  Church in the park.
349.  Fellowship with our church family.
350.  "For the Love" by Jen Hatmaker.  You should really get it and read it and digest what she's saying.  It is so so good.
351.  Getting to know more and more of my cohort.
352.  The Kansas State Fair.
353.  Only spending 4 hours there.  I
354.  Knowing myself well enough to realize 4 hours is about my tops with that many people around.
355.  Baby animals.  Too much cute.
356.  Beach Body On Demand.  So many great workouts for a really reasonable monthly price.
357.  Staying active 5-6 times a week.
358.  Breaking the sugar habit (although, full confession, I totally fell off the wagon this weekend.  Back on track today.)
359.  Laughing with Daniel.
360.  New glasses.
361.  A cooler house.
362.  Hard wood floors.
363.  A new study on the Beatitudes.
364.  Sharing burdens with friends.
365.  A reminder to pray and believe in God's goodness.