28 September 2014

Friday Gifts 2.0 (only slightly late)

871.  Having some hard conversations which eventually help to lighten heavy burdens. 
872. Celebrating my beautiful niece turning 16!
873.  A different route through tall grass. 
874.  A wonderful time with great friends and their sweet baby girl.
875.  Sharing joy and dreams and fears and concerns with those who pass no judgment and can even commiserate. 
876.  My bigs helping process apples for apple butter. 
877.  9 pints of apple butter, two apple pies and 12 more pounds of fresh apples for the coming winter. 
878.  Our Lord, who continues to provide even when I'm an idiot and don't think he will. 
879.  My mom. 
880.  Five men in our church who willingly came to help Daniel carry our beautiful beast of a stainless steel island countertop up our stairs. 
881.  A cool breeze at the perfect time. 
882.  Holding a tiny six week old baby and feeling my blood pressure drop. 
883.  My Facebook break. It's been wonderful. 
884.  Real books. 
885.  An old dream resurrected. 
886.  Quick sewing on blocks for Clementine's quilt. 
887.  A much needed nap. 
888.  Occasional arguments with Daniel. It makes me feel like we're both still "in it" when we have dust ups. 
889.  Gigi's improved reading. 
890.  Chobani yogurt. 

19 September 2014

Friday Gifts 2.0

Today I'm feeling a bit lost and broken. Chronic stress and life with a lot of unknowns is threatening to overwhelm my spirit. Since I know examining and taking note of the things for which I am grateful is always a good exercise for my heart I'm pushing into my gifts list. 
861. That Bea is ok after the TV incident. 
862.  More and more home organization happening.
863.  Planning for a visit from friends. 
864.  A gallery wall of black and white photos of my favorite people in the world. 
865.  A list of quickly finished tasks to cross off. 
866.  Facing fears head on and really examining what the outcomes might be. 
867.  Brooms. What a terrific invention. 
868.  Saying goodbye to Facebook, temporarily or not. 
869.  Building a space for sewing. The giddiness from this helps with the funk. 
870.  Being able to ask hard questions to my Lord. Answers may not flow back but I know He meets me in my pain and doubt, loves me completely and doesn't let me walk in it alone. 

14 September 2014


In no particular order.... 

Bea is a monkey climber. This is no secret. We do our best to stay on top of the madness but sometimes she climbs with her three year old sister into the TV cabinet and before we can reach them they've accidentally pulled the TV out of the cabinet and only Clementine manages to get clear of the beast.  No breaks but Bea is quite bruised. We did spend three hours in the ER of our tiny town and napped on the bed. 

The boy, reading at the table. The three year old eating dry cereal whilst holding a paint stir stick. Because, why not. The two year old vigorously stirring her cereal. The oldest girl missing because she's developing a habit of sleeping until the very last minute before she absolutely has to be up for school. Cut out quilt fabric on the other end. Just a regular Friday morning. 

A friend asked for an old photo. This was a missions trip to Arizona. I was a freshman. It is the first trip I took with Daniel and if I dig a little deeper in my old photos, I might find proof. :)

The beast refrigerator is wired in. It did need freon added so we're currently letting it be before we move all our food over just to make sure it will hold. Exciting. 
We found a peach orchard nearby. We got over 13 pounds of peaches. One day when Mom was here, we made 8 pints of peach preserves and 4 quarts of peach pie filling. This week, the apple orchard. 


I don't know if can tell from this picture but Gigi is comforting Bea on her lap. She has such a compassionate and nurturing spirit. I can't wait to see what is in store for her. 

13 September 2014

Fall List + How the Summer List ended up

It's not quite Fall but I'm going to go ahead and make myself a list.  But first, let's check out ye olde summer list.

Summer 2014 List

1.  Finish painting the big room.  Should take me 3-4 days.  Did this in one day!  It's is amazing how quickly and how much I can get done when it's just me in the house.  :)
2.  Help, as needed, with the kitchen installation.  Yep.  And it's installed.  WOOHOO!
3.  Finish planning and coordination for the MOPS Run For Your Momma Half Marathon.   (I'm going to add, try not to freak out that I agreed to plan the ONLY fundraiser our group has for the entire year.) Yes and yes.  The race went great.  We had wonderful volunteers, great runners, only a couple complaints but nothing serious AND we made a little more than last year.  Score!
4.  Put up trim in the bathrooms.  (I feel like this is something I can do.)   Nope.
5.  Start making our home homier by unpacking and hanging photos and pictures. Yes.  I'm not finished but it's coming along.  
6.  Sort through kid clothes. No.  Moving it to the Fall list.  
7.  Paint Gigi's desk.  Yes.  I'm putting the finish coat on it today.  
8.  Decide whether or not I will be taking classes from K-State or go through a community college for business classes.   Decided I could not justify taking 75! more hours for another bachelor's degree.  Will probably just take some classes online for specific areas of need/interest.  
9.  Enroll, somewhere. No.  Daniel is back working on his PhD.  I might try next semester for one class.  
10.  Start a new school year (2nd and 3rd Grade!)!  Yes and they are both doing great.  
11.  Start looking for "letters" to photograph to make a Madgwick sign. No.  I didn't even attempt this.  
12.  Frame chalkboard. Nope.  
13.  Organize kitchen, hopefully.  It is a work in progress as we work in the kitchen and see how we use certain areas.  It's an exciting process but a little annoying to Daniel since sometimes things are not where they were previously.  ;)
14.  Plan meals better.  Failed, abysmally.  Who wants to eat when it's a billion degrees in the house.  My children and husband, apparently.  :/
15.  Keep running.   No.  Also, after spending all day in a house that is a billion degrees, the last thing I had energy for was running.  It was a bummer but I'm working on getting back into a groove.  
16.  Get regular stuff done, too!  Yes.  For the most part.  

Fall 2014 List

1.  Make Clementine's quilt.  
2.  Sort kid clothes.
3.  Continue organizing the house.  
4.  Run.  Attempt to get at least 9 miles in a week.  
5.  Read to the little girls every day.  
6.  Start substituting.  
7.  Keep making marketing calls.  Try to get at least one new customer.  
8.  Sew a tiny curtain for a place in the kitchen.  
9.  Sew a skirt or shirt for myself.  
10.  Get my paperwork organized.  
11.  Plan meals 2-4 weeks at a time.  
12.  Cook ahead and freeze meat and beans. 
13.  Frame chalkboard.
14.  Paint barstools and recover the seats.  
15.  Start making the master bedroom a haven for us.  
16.  Get the gallery wall of pictures finished.  
17.  Sew something for a couple of babies.  

I think this looks good.  It might be a tad ambitious.  It's amazing what a drop in 20 degrees in my living conditions can do for my spirit.  

12 September 2014

Friday Gifts 2.0

846.  A very productive Saturday with lots of home improvement and happy playing kiddos. 
847.  Electrical outlets in the kitchen. 
848.  My big refrigerator wired in and functioning after a little freon addition. 
849.  Meeting our refrigeration guy and learning he spent a large portion of his life working downstairs when it was a grocery store. 
850.  An unexpected trip to the state fair because it was dollar day! 
851.  A friend dropping off toilet paper. You guys, we go through a ridiculous amount and only five of us currently use toilet paper. 
852.  Dinner with friends who also happen to be the pastor of our church and his family. 
853.  Having mom here overnight. 
854.  A night of completely uninterrupted sleep. 
855.  Getting the kids back into their own room. 
856.  Having the opportunity to get some projects taken care of. 
857.  70 degrees on our thermostat. First time in months. 
858.  Marketing calls getting easier even if they're not quite fruitful yet. 
859.  The big room floor nice and clean. 
860.  Vinegar. 

05 September 2014

Friday Gifts 2.0

821. A three day weekend. 
822. Continued financial provision. I'm growing less and less surprised each time The Lord provides in ways we didn't expect. 
823. Having a handful of small things that make it so we can finish some things on the checklist. 
824.  Fabric enough to get started on the top of Clementine's quilt. 
825.  A day with our big family running errands and spending time together. 
826.  That Daniel works just downstairs so when I'm pretty sure the excruciating pain I'm feeling is a kidney stone he can just run upstairs and take care of everything so I can work through everything. 
828.  Ibuprofen. 
829.  That my brilliant Daniel can do a urinalysis so I don't necessarily need to go to the ER. 
830.  Ridiculously expensive lab equipment that makes the urinalysis possible. 
831. Paintings on the wall! 
832. Friday night movie at the house! 
833.  Cooler temps and the promise of fall! 
834.  A relatively cheap and easy fix to the Saturn. Over 200K miles and still kicking. 
835.  A lunch date with my man. 
836.  An house free of children in the middle of the day. ;)
837.  Grilled broccoli. Seriously, if you're not eating it this way, there is something wrong. 
838.  Mom's help canning peach jam and peach pie filling. 
839.  Proficient bike riding kids. The bigs, at least. 
840.  Pinot noir. 
841. A good return from the race I coordinated for our MOPS group.
842.  Rain. 
843.  No tree or hail damage for us. 
844.  The weekend. 
845.  Being able to use my skill, knowledge and talent with cooking to expand friendships and opportunities.  

29 August 2014

Friday Gifts 2.0

806.  A thermostat that reads 80* for the first time in months. 
807.  My sweet Georgia who turned seven on Wednesday. She is my joy. 
808.  Sweet siblings who remembered and made their own choices to bless Gigi when she awoke on her day. 
809.  A daddy who obliges the girl and made her requested breakfast. 
810. A tiny girls' request to, "read to me!"  
811.  Gigi's helpful nature. 
812.  Phinn's passion. 
813.  Timeout. 
814.  A peaceful walk after a bit of frustration. 
815.  Some business with more potential. 
816.  Sidewalk chalk drawing. 
817.  Park play time with friends. 
818.  That I can have opinions and the worst thing that happens is I make people mad instead of losing my life like those around the world. 
819.  Two cups of coffee. 
820.  Laughing with Daniel.