21 April 2014


We've had a couple of weekends in a row where one or all of us have been gone.  In the week in between we had a puking baby.  So, you know, nothing got done. This week I'm tackling all that I can possibly tackle and still manage to spend some time with Daniel and the kids.  
I need more hours in the day.  
My to-do list, taped up on a partially primed wall with painters tape.  We're in a construction zone, people!  It might be too ambitious.  We'll see.  
My dishwasher!  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this baby.  It is so quiet, the engineers had to make a laser light that shines a dot on the floor while it's running so you know it's working.  Awesome, right?  It is under that sheet and tape.  The little girls found the plastic and insulation too tempting.  It seemed only a matter of time until they did something destructive.  This is one of those things about living in a renovation.  Things that are big and important and costly sit out in the middle of everything.  The cat has found his favorite spot on top of the cabinets.  The baby likes to throw toys into the cabinets.  The packaging for all these things.... forget about it.  Kiss that styrofoam goodbye.  Plaster is exposed, the electrical outlets don't have covers.  One bathroom doesn't have sinks.  Our kids have been extremely resilient and flexible through this whole thing.  
Daniel's grandma made me a knitted washcloth a number of years ago.  It got packed away and has been in storage since we moved into the trailer.   When we unpacked stuff here, I found it.  And, you guys, it is the best washcloth ever!  I asked Linda to see if Grandma would make me some more.  I now have 10!! of these babies.  Yahoo!
So you get an idea about the dish situation  up in here.  Dirty, sitting on the stove, waiting for a place in the sink.  
No room.  This utility sink is deep.  It is  deceptive just how many dishes are in there.  That dishwasher of mine can't get installed fast enough.  
Kitchen sink, kitchen faucet, bathroom sinks and faucets, tile for the top of the kids' bathroom vanity.  All just waiting for us to have time to get them in.

10 April 2014

Friday Gifts 2.0

586.  New glasses for a girl. 
587.  Harry's. 
588.  My family's love of a good celebration. 
589.  An April Fool's day with no foolin'. 
590.  No guilt over hiding/unfollowing/unfriending people on Facebook. 
591.  Rest for the littlest after some tough stuffy nights up with a cold. 
592.  Meeting someone from Daniel's past. 
593.  Seeing the fruit of letting go of certain expectations where hospitality is concerned. 
594.  Having the privelege to pray for friends. 
595.  Learning to give grace to legalistic people in the church. We all need grace. 
596.  11 almost uninterrupted hours of sleep helping to kick this stupid cold I have. 
597.  Getting stuff ordered for the kitchen. 
598.  My kitchen sink arriving. 
599.  The kids' bathroom sinks arriving. 
600.  Some tile for a spot in the kitchen floor arriving. 
601.  UPS.
602.  A new business sign. We're getting more and more legit. 
603.  High praise for my man. 
604.  Watching him get back in the groove. 
605.  Evenings at the park between dinner and bedtime. 
606.  Open windows. 
607.  Clementine's growing vocabulary and articulation. 
608.  Recalling the day of Phinn's birth. 
609.  Getting to know more people in the community. 
610. A huge mirror for $45. A steal. 

09 April 2014

We don't have a back yard.  We might be able to create a little green space out back but for now we are so happy this great city park is just a block away from our house.   It's awesome and huge with lots of trees and big space.  The other night we went and on the way out I grabbed by big girl camera.  

She said, "Wait for me to come around again, then take the picture."  :-D

Concentration!  These slides are fast.  

"Hello, I'm not yet two but I feel as though I can rule the world on my own."

This boy is getting so big, so fast.  Eight, this week.  Aack!

These siblings. Georgia is always looking out for the little girls.  

They were bouncing each other on the tires.  

Gigi got new glasses over spring break.  She's such a cutie. 

This man.  I sure love him.  Being a great and involved father is such an incredible blessing to me and our children.  

08 April 2014

A Quick Little Quilt

Some great friends of ours who we thought would never have kids had a baby.  They didn't find out the gender of their baby prior to birth, so this is what I decided for a quilt for their wee one.  I did a jelly roll quilt.  Super easy and just the sort of quick project I needed to feel like I was actually getting something done!  

07 April 2014


Back in January our friend Matthew came in the middle of one week to help Daniel with some set up in the lab.  I had the privilege of watching these two cuties.  Jimmy and Katie are the exact ages of Bea and Clementine, so it works out nicely.  We had a really good time with them.  We missed Betsy and Anna.  Friends are one of the greatest blessings in our lives.  I know Matthew had plenty of work he could have been doing at their own house but he came here because he knew Daniel needed the support.  We sure have some great friends.  

04 April 2014

Friday Gifts 2.0

I took a break. Obviously. :) It was necessary. I was fighting so hard to just stay afloat; social media just wasn't helping in that battle. January and February are always hard for this sun and warm weather loving Sarah. Coupled with the fallout from last year and living in unfinished chaos most of the time, I felt like running away. Like, countless times a day just wishing I could get in my car and drive away, running.  
Things are better now. Life is still crazy. We are still living in the middle of a huge renovation. Daniel is still working on spreading the word of our business. I am still physically exhausted in spite of my attempts to get that figured out. Jesus didn't make those hard things pass. I'm not really sure what changed except that I know people started praying and stuff started to be less hard.  Even as I write this I had a horrible night with the baby who still can't for the love of all that is good and right in this world figure out sleeping on her own.  So today is a very tired day.  Tired I can handle.  The Dark, well that is a different story entirely.  
Let's catch up a bit, shall we?  Daniel sanded the kitchen floor, then stained, then sealed it.  We were without a kitchen sink or washer or dryer for about 5 days but the floor looks amazing.  I shared some pictures on instagram.  You can find me there as postrechica.  I'll post some more before and after pictures when the kitchen has cabinets.  We're close, folks.  It's exciting.  The bathrooms are soooooooo close to being done.  The painful projects of sheetrock and paint are done.  Now we just have some finishing, the fun stuff.  
The kids had spring break.  It was good.  Lots of down time, playing.  They needed a break.  We're back at school but we only have about 6 1/2 weeks of school left.  This momma needs to get on the ball with summer plans.  We can't stay in our jammies until noon everyday of the summer.  ;)

I've been keeping track of my blessings.  So, here we go again with Friday Gifts.  I'm glad to be back.  

561.  Taking a break from technology.  
562.  The Lenten season.
563.  Finishing a quilt.  (A finished project!  Holla!)
564.  Getting closer to finished bathrooms.
565.  Power sanders.
566.  Dialing back expectations.  
567.  Seeing my old MOPS group.  That group saved me when I was a new mom.  
568.  A brand new and healthy baby for friends.
569.  God's gentle reminders that He and His grace are sufficient.  
570.  Getting real and letting all the ugly out with Daniel.  
571.  Daniel's gentle reminder that there is One who knows what it means to hurt in this world and more specifically, He knows my hurt like I do.  
572.  A new mop solution that works perfectly on my expansive wood floors.
573.  Walking the little nature trail by our park.  
574.  Fellowship with our new church family. 
575.  Fruit.  
576.  A little creative outlet in the form of a chalkboard.  
577.  Peace that the Lord will continue to show his hand in our business.  
578.  A clear closed door for a loved one.
579.  My fitness pal.
580.  Finally saying enough.  
581.  Strength from the Lord.  
582.  Sore muscles.  
583.  Adjusting to the time change.  
584.  Friends, coming to visit.  
585.  A weekend with Daniel, sans children.  

28 February 2014

What is supposed to be Friday gifts...

I can't do it.  I can't muster the energy it takes to think of all the things I'm thankful for.  Aside from all the regular things/people, I just can't do it.  I haven't been too active here in this space.  I prefer being real to hiding the truth but sometimes the truth is hard to talk about.  Sometimes just not talking about anything is the best alternative, hence the absence.
I am hesitant to let you in on what's happening in my spirit.  It feels like this space has been overrun by talk of struggles and challenges and pain far too much in the last year.  I am hesitant because I often feel like I have no right to feel the way I feel.  I have no need to struggle with sadness or despondency or apathy.  I have it all together.  Right? Right.  I am the super mom, the rock, the one who runs a household while renovating and raising kids.  Mary Bailey, if you will.  I am that woman, in my Instagram pictures.  Ha!
What no one sees are the piles of things I am neglecting to get stuff done.  What no one sees are the many missed opportunities to spend time with my kiddos, especially my littles.  What no one sees are the yells and frustration and the mean momma.  What no one sees are the struggles late at night or when I'm completely alone in silence when the arguments and self berating take over.  I don't want to be with myself but I don't really want to be with others either.
I've started looking for things to get under control.  My food/household inventory.  My never ending to-do list for renovations.  My food intake.  My kids' living space.  And while it is good to try to corral those things, I know I'm just filling space and time with things so I don't have to actually figure out how to deal with how I don't like life very much right now.  
So, I might be absenting myself from this space and facebook for a while.  I love Instagram, so I don't think I'll stop posting over there.  Just giving you a heads up.