28 October 2014

Clementine's Quilt

I finally finished Clementine's quilt. I make s quilt for each kid when they turn three and move into a twin bed. Clementine will be four in three months. :/ But it's still within the year so in counting it as good. 
Forgive the pictures. When I finished and wanted to take the pictures I didn't have anyone who was taller than 38" around. 



On the bed

I had a lot of help from my mom on this one. She did much of the cutting and a fair amount of ironing. She also loaned me her walking foot (it helped prevent excessive bunching and puckering while quilting). You guys, why didn't o get one of those things years ago? Amazing! 

There you go! Onto my next sewing projects:  Christmas presents. 

22 October 2014

Out of hand

I'm a list maker. I make to do lists to keep track of my sometimes overwhelming load of tasks. Lately, I've let the lists become a little overwhelming. I forgot the first rule of to do lists; no more than seven items on the list to make the possibility of completion a reality. 
I'm going to let you into my crazy for a moment. I'm going to show you my lists. Here's the punch list for things we need to do on the house. It is by no means complete. 

We do have a fair amount crossed off. But, like I said, the list could be twice as long as this and it still wouldn't be complete. 

Here's my list for this week. My mistake here was I just added on to the list from last week. Not good. 


We're hosting Thanksgiving, which I'm super excited about. But, there are some things it would like to have finished before we have 35 people in the house. :) Here's  the list for that. I haven't even thought about the menu but that will create a long list also. 

In an effort to combat the overwhelmingness (what? It's a word. ��) of it all I made myself break down the weekly list to a more reasonable post it size daily to do. Here's today's list. 

Five items. Nothing unreasonable. I'm sure I will fit more things into my day that aren't on the list. If I do, I'll add them to the bottom of the list and cross them off immediately because that is what all normal not neurotic people do, right? 

17 October 2014

Friday Gifts 2.0

I missed Friday Gifts last week.  I'm sorry.  I just lost track of things.  So, here's a catch up.  Enjoy your Friday!

906.  Pumpkin patch fun.
907.  Reading with the little girls.
908.  Beautiful Fall days.
909.  Clean windows.
910.  Taking control of yet another part of the house that has taken a back seat.
911.  Sewing.
912.  A day with my friend Robynn.
913.  Being able to commiserate and encourage.
914.  That God has given me some of the very best friends ever.
915.  Being able to remain friends even over distance.
916.  Not living in fear of Ebola.
917.  Not having regular TV stations.
918.  Not seeing all the political garbage on TV.
919.  Not being swayed by emotion.
920.  Being pro-life, across the board, not just on one issue.
921.  Giving gifts that are handmade.
922.  Finding material and having a use for it.
923.  Time with my man, just us.
924.  Sleeping in and having had a full night of sleep.  I don't remember the last time that happened.
925.  Time to get some projects done.
926.  Facing hard financial issues, knowing that there is little in this world that is completely ruinous.
927.  Continuing to see our God walk before us.
928.  Knowing in my soul, we are never promised an easy walk.
929.  Friendly ladies at the bank and the city who know me and my name.
930.  Parks and Recreation (the show). :)

16 October 2014


Here's a little glimpse into what we've been up to the last couple of weeks. 

This last weekend our awesome church hosted a get together for all the junior church families. One of the couples in our church is working on turning their property into a pumpkin patch. We got to be guinea pigs for them and had a great time. We also came away with a ton of great pumpkins. 

Almost all of the kids from our church. 

We signed the kids up for 4-H. One of the kids captured this momma in the middle of the ultra fascinating act of filling out paperwork. :)

Park fun. She's being a gorilla here. 

Clementine's quilt. Those are all sewn back together but I still need to add a border. Hopefully with in the next week or so I'll have a finished quilt to show you. 


Wonderful wool felt. I have big plans for this stuff. My current list of sewing projects is Loooong but I'm very excited about most of the items. 

We are busy. Daniel has been swamped with work and class work for his Ph.D. While this is awesome and we have been blessed, things are still very financially tight around here. I don't share things about finances very often. It's not that I'm trying to hide anything. It's just, I don't like talking about it or thinking about it. But, frankly, the anxiety of it keeps getting worse. What is worse is, I know the anxiety comes straight from the Devil because the Lord has provided time and time again. I'm claiming several verses where Jesus talks about not being anxious but I would covet your prayers about this. Please and thank you. 

03 October 2014

Kitchen Pictures

I thought it would be good to post some pictures from the house to show some of the progress we've seen over the last year.  Kitchen pictures are up first.  

If you'll remember, the kitchen was divided by this weird wall.  

And there were the lovely cabinets held together with about a thousand pounds of nails.  :)

And there was this weird half wall.  

The door on the right hand side of this frame is now twice the width and the doorway/wall is no longer in existence.  

This door no longer exists either.  It is closed in, the hooks are gone and we are creating a pantry back there.  No after pics of this space.  Sorry. 

My beautiful, amazing, awesome stainless steel island countertop.  It is, as you can see, not installed yet.  But, it is upstairs which was the hardest part of the installation.  My wonderful second dad, aka. Daniel's dad, made it for us.  And my talented brother in law, David, welded it when he was here visiting from New Zealand.  I'm beyond excited about this.  Fingers crossed it will be all installed with the sink and everything before the end of October.  (Setting the expectations low because when you do everything yourself on renovations, things take about 100% more time than you plan.  Because, you know, kids need care and food and stuff.)  

The kitchen with counter tops and crap all over the counters.  Keepin' it real, folks.  

Opposite angle.  

We obviously still need to do some sheetrock work, drop the ceiling down to 10', paint, install backsplash, install hood/vent, install tile inlay at the doorway, build separating wall for the laundry, and figure out the pantry.  Like I said, renovations, when you do them yourself, take forever and a day.  Thankfully, the Lord has blessed me and our children and Daniel with the flexibly and patience to live with the slow progress.  I am sure it will be all worth it when we do finish.  I love it already!!

Friday Gifts 2.0

891.  Small town parades.
892.  Getting the whole family involved with cleaning the house.
893.  Grilling out.
894.  Church in the park.
895.  Fellowship with our church family.
896.  Quick dates with Daniel while the kids are at AWANA.
897.  Excitement growing for a new adventure.
898.  Gathering steam on Clementine's quilt.
899.  Plans for a handmade Christmas.
900.  Cooler temperatures.
901.  Being able to witness the thoughtfulness of Gigi when it comes to her little sister.
902.  Wanting to be in the kitchen cooking again.
903.  Not melting my face off when I cook.
904.  Small town utility services.
905.  Big progress in the messiest room in the house.

01 October 2014

A Day In The Life

I read a blog post the other day about a day in the life of the blogger's family. I love posts like that because of the normalcy and reality you get to take a peek at. So here's my day in the life of this Madgwick clan. It's a pretty normal Tuesday.

6:45AM    Alarm goes off. I'm a snoozer so I don't actually get out of bed until just after 7. 

7:10AM  Get big kids up. Tell them the weather for the day. Head to the kitchen to make lunches and breakfast. 

7:30 AM   While kids are eating, enjoy a few minutes with Daniel. 

8:05AM   Daniel takes the bigs to school. I make our breakfast. We're so very blessed by our living/work arrangement. I get to have breakfast with my man and he still gets to work by 8:30. 

Between 8:30-9:30 I drink my coffe, read, update my phone, relax. 

9:30AM  Make bread. I started making all our bread because I'm frugal. Now that I've been doing it almost exclusively for almost a year we can hardly stomach the store bought bread. Most of it is just way too sweet. It takes a few hours every couple of days but is well worth it.

10:00AM   "Couch with me!" Snuggles with this girl are hard to turn down.  


10:15 AM  Finish my cork board project that has been getting pushed to the back burner for a couple of weeks. Turn off the TV. 

10:45-11:45 AM   Shape bread for the second rise. Shower and dress (my days of showering midday are finite and I'm going to take advantage of them while they last.). Take girls to the pharmacy a block away to print last picture for the gallery wall. 

11:50AM  Finally finish the gallery wall. I love it. The kids love it. All great black and white pictures of our family. So much happy. 

12:00-1:00PM   Load dishwasher. Lunch for the little girls. Lunch for me and Daniel. Bake bread. Bea down for a nap and Clementine in bed with books. 

1:00-3:25PM  45 minutes to myself. Repair the stupid toilet paper holders in both bathrooms because of poor design and rough use. Do puzzles with Clementine. Convince her that being my helper to clean up is Awesome! Pick up crap from everywhere. Organize toy room. Receive an espresso from my man. Load up to pick up bigs. 

3:45-5:45PM  Snacks for whoever wants one. I help Gigi with her homework. I encourage (motivate with threat of loss) Phinn to clean his disgusting lego room. He decides cleaning is better than losing the room and having to buy back his Legos one by one. I make dinner.  BLTs with a broccoli salad. Kiddos set the table. 

6:00PM  We eat as a family and talk about the day. It's hectic getting there but it's one thing I love and feel is super important. 

6:30-7:15PM  Phinn reads to me. Kids play. Daniel and I watch. 

7:15-8:00PM  Daniel bathes the little girls. The bigs get showers. I unload and load the dishwasher. Teeth get brushed. Daniel and I say prayers, sing songs, kiss heads, say goodnight. 

8:01PM  We encourage the youngest to get back in bed. Rinse, repeat. 

8:05PM   Walk the baby back to her bed. 

8:10PM   Carry the baby back to her bed. :) 

8:30PM Finally settle down for our time. We use this time to talk or watch a show or read. 

11PM  In bed.